Triple Gangers

This compelling photograph featuring 3 different sets of brothers. All of them are first cousins and sharing the same sets of names. Some will say unlikely, improbable and unreasonable to consider.

Yet the fact remains, these men did exist, were all 1st cousins and shared the same names, Frank and Jesse James.

From left to right, seated: Jesse Mason James, Jesse Robert James, Jesse Woodson James.

Standing L to R: Robert Franklin James, Sylvester Franklin James, Alexander Franklin James.

The photo is the double edge sword that not only proves there were three sets of brothers James, but graphically proves the man on the left is the murder victim. That is exactly what the middle Jesse claimed at age 100. Finally, the photo corroborates RJ Pastore’s investigation, proving that Jesse Woodson James faked his death and lived happily ever after until age 88.

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