Frank James

Frank James from teenager, the Civil War to adulthood.



Alexander Franklin James

AKA Frank James, Buck Howard, Ben Woodson, Joe Johnson…


DoB: January 10, 1843

Centerville, Clay County, Missouri

Died: February 18, 1915

Clay County, Missouri

Height:  6ft 2in

Weight: 220lbs

Head Shape: Almond form

Eyes: Blue

Right eyelid covers top of pupil, eye points to the nose.

Left eyelid sags over top of pupil, eye points straight ahead.

Ears: Right side larger, straighter earlobe, Left is teardrop shaped.

Nose: Nostrils straight and symmetrical.

Mouth: Smaller sized with strong archer’s bow upper lip.

Chin: Broad square jaw line.

Shoulders: Slight downward slope.

Frank James

Frank James

FJ Teen

FJ Boys w Dad 4 Frank James

FJ 20 crop

FJ St Jo crop

Frank James

Frank James