James’ Wives

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this album are several images of Jesse and Frank with their wives. There is no question that Frank was married to Annie Ralston. But the misconception that Jesse was married to Zee Mimms is a common misnomer. There are no photos of Jesse and Zee together. The only thing close is a poor rendition pencil sketch.

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On the other hand, Jesse W. James and his real wife Martha Jane Presgrove had many photos taken together. And there are numerous portraits of all four of them together, Frank, Annie, Jesse and Martha. These photos prove that Jesse and Martha were married their entire lives.

Zee Mimms-James was married to the man that was killed in Jesse’s place in 1882. This reality only affects the few remaining descendants, who are unwitting participants in the ruse. Therefore, history shall be served well when the real version of the true story is allowed to permeate modern culture.


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(L to R) Annie, Jesse, Martha


JWJ MJP 1872 St Jo MO


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