Jesse M. James

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man killed as Jesse Woodson James in 1882, was in fact a first cousin named, Jeremiah “Jesse” Mason James. He was one of three men who secretly shared the same identity of the outlaw Jesse James. The alleged photo of the murdered Jesse below was edited to open the corpse’s eyes to show his appearance in life. His eyes were copied from the image of the man in the 5th photo below.

Jesse Mason James

Jesse Mason James / Copyright RJ Pastore 2015

He called himself Jesse James, was an outlaw and he was married to his cousin, Zee Mimms.

Alleged sketch of Jesse & Zee James

Alleged sketch of Jesse & Zee James

While there is only one known “picture” of Jesse and Zee together, it is merely a sketched drawing.  On the other hand, the RJ Pastore Collection has many photos of Jesse Woodson James with his real wife Martha Jane Presgrove.

A drawing has no value as documentary evidence. However, several actual photos of Zee and Jesse Mason James have surfaced in the RJ Pastore collection. The photos substantiate the facts and the weight of evidence proves Jesse was married to Martha, and Zee was married to Mason.


Jesse Mason James

 Jesse Mason James of Carter County, Kentucky, aka Jesse James.
(Father: William R. James, wife Matilda) Appears in 1870 Census as Jesse James.

Head Shape: Squared

Eyes: Blue -Uniform in shape

Right & left eyelids cover top of iris.

Ears: Right side smaller, rounded shaped, cleft helix.

Nose: Uniform, slight hook at the tip, nostril flare toward face.

Mouth: Larger sized with archers bow upper lip.

Chin: Broad square jaw line.

Shoulders: Broad, flat shoulder line.

J Mason Teen 2


Mason Cliton S Burke


Jesse Mason James 1


Jesse Woodson James assumed the identity of the victim as his cover after the staged 1882 killing of Jesse Mason in St. Joe, MO.

He broke up the first name and went by Jere Miah James and presented himself as the first cousin of Jesse W. James. So he became the man that they killed in his place, and lived in Neodesha, Kansas until he died in 1935.


Jesse Mason James photo matches the corpse right down to the sharp notch at the top of the right ear.

Alleged death photo of Jesse James

Alleged death photo of Jesse James

















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