Release Date:   3/10/14

RE:   New Jesse James photos on exhibit

Who:   RJ Pastore – Featured in two History Channel documentaries for solving the mystery of Jesse James and the ruse to fake his death. RJ Pastore /316.461.1118 /

Youtube trailer:

What: Original Historic Photo Collection


When: While the journey has taken over a decade, the collection was only recently revealed to the public on the website. Since last August 2013 the site is approaching 100,000 visitors. Currently it receives about 1000 hits a day. The average time spent viewing some of the 30 pages is about 20 minutes. All of our traffic is by word of mouth as there is no chatter on the web blogs so far.

Why:   I wanted to reunited all of the family photos in to one collection and find an appropriate home for a permanent exhibit. Until then, the web is a fine venue to share a small portion on the hundreds in my private collection.

How:   My past forensics and archaeological investigations were the skills that gave me the insight to use a scientific approach in the search. The allegory of scraping away layers of sediments is akin to sorting through layers of history saved in family photos. Going back in time through the changing technologies from paper prints, Carte de Viste (CDV’s), tintypes, glass plate Daguerreotype, subject matter, facial comparison software analysis, related materials, locality a few of the criteria used.

Provenance: For some unknown reason the chain of custody has become paramount in validating historic photos. Almost any other areas of historic materials stand on their own for what they are. A famous painting, even unsigned work stands alone. A Faberge egg or Tiffany lamp, Lalique glass, if genuine do not need a provenance.

This collections establishes a strong chain of evidence connecting the images to the know subject shown in the photos. There is further triangulation of evidence in their connection to other photos repeatedly showing the same subjects.

A call to action:You are invited to tour my amazing James gang photos. There are many startling revelations that come to light within these pages of original photos. As you will see, there were in fact 3 sets of Frank and Jesse James.  What’s so astounding is that they had their photo taken all together in one portrait. I’ve posted many stunning images of the Younger brother with Billy the Kid, the Ford brothers and Doc Holiday.

This expose’ will create quite an uproar among traditional historians. I have spent the past 10 plus years shaking up the Jesse James genre, but this will surely blow the lid off the century old murder mystery. Have a look about and let me know your thoughts.


RJ Pastore