“Jesse” & Zee

Jeremiah “Jesse” Mason James married his cousin, Zee Mimms. This was not the same man as Jesse Woodson James. Jesse Mason James had a congenital birth defect that separates him from the popular legend. His ear has a notch in the top curve of the rim arch, hence the name cleft helix.

Mason Cliton S Burke

Zee 2 b


Alleged sketch of Jesse & Zee James

Alleged sketch of Jesse & Zee James


JMJ Zee renewing vows 1b

In spite of the striking resemblance to the real Jesse, there are key features that exclude him as a match. However, Zee is clearly a match, proving she was married to Jesse Mason not Jesse Woodson.

(Note the cleft helix ear defect, lack of the enlarged right nostril, thicker eyebrows and different hairline.)


Zee JMJ Vows

JMJ Zee child

Zerelda Mimms James - Jessie's Wifejesse corpse 2










J Mason Zee kids

This last image came from the personal affects of Jere Miah James, an alias for Jesse Woodson James. It is perhaps the last living photo taken of his cousin before Jesse Mason was killed in Jesse Woodson’s place.

Jesse Robert James, alias J. Frank Dalton claims to have orchestrated the murder ruse with the aid of 52 gang members, among others.  The ruse is now exposed and forever settles any question that the false version of history was merely a cover story.