The popular mythology of Jesse’s James death is a “reduction to absurdity”.

argumentum ad absurdum

When the evidence of the 1882 shooting of Jesse James is objectively evaluated, only one conclusion remains. A grand conspiracy to fake Jesse’s death was executed by the James Gang with the aid of Sheriff Timberlake. A full report on all of the evidence can be acquire in ebook format at 

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Here are a few of the glaring points in fact that can not be ignored or explained away by the cover story perpetrating the hoax of April 3rd, 1882.

To begin with, a simple visual comparison of the two subjects show they are two separate people.

The man on the left is Jesse W. James near the time of the killing. The victim on the right is the photo of the corpse presented as Jesse that day.

Jesse Woodson James

Jesse Woodson James


jesse corpse 2

Dead men tell no tales.


Clearly, Jesse W. James had far less of a hairline than the victim in his death photo. This is problematic since men loose there hair as they age. But traditional historians would have us believe that Jesse’s hair grew in more fully as he aged, prior to his untimely end. Another item to observe is that the victim’s hair was dyed black at the funeral parlor for some unknown reason. The stain behind his head clearly shows the transfer stains from his hair to the pillow.

 The next item eliminates the victim from any possibility of being Jesse. Note the congenital birth defect to the victim’s ear, the top curve having a distinct crease, called a cleft helix. Jesse did not have such a defect to his ear.

Corpse1These anomalies are ignored by “James Historians” who wish to preserve the false history perpetrated by Jesse James himself. The full report is a 130 page analysis of all the available evidence largely unknown or ignored by the supposed experts. Ironic, since Missouri is the “Show Me” state and yet, the ruse has gone on unchallenged for over 135 years.

RJ Pastore’s exhaustive investigation has brought these critical points of evidence to light at the 2004 annual conference of the American Academy of Forensic Science, as the featured final speaker. This study now proves, once and for all, Jesse W. James faked his death and lived in Kansas under the alias of Jere Miah James until 1935.

No longer a conspiracy theory, this report is based on graphically illustrated evidence and photographically documented historical fact. 

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The 1995 exhumation of the Kearney, MO grave was an obfuscation. The DNA report below was file many years after the TV show DNA test “proving it was Jesse James to a 99.97% certainty.” was not the truth. Professor Starrs’ report submitted to the AAFS said quite frankly that the DNA was NOT a match, contradicting his TV show.