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The RJ Pastore Collection presents a small sampling of images which offers a rare glimpse into the life of Jesse James. It took historian RJ Pastore many years to compile an amazing collection of Jesse James related photos. The collection was acquired in complete albums, groupings, estate sales of family members and collectors. Many photographs authenticate themselves by linking the subjects that are seen together with other family and gang members in group photos. The RJ Pastore Collection has become the foremost expert dossier on all things Jesse James. Reuniting these images into one spectacular collection establishes a proper context and timeline as no other can.


Three cousins named Jesse James

Three cousins named Jesse James

What is more astounding is that Pastore located many other James family and gang member’s photos as well. The images reveal is a complex story of three pairs of cousins who all shared the same identity. The fact that they had photos taken as a group shows they were creating a record of their elaborate ruse.

Some may not appreciate the validity of every single photo in this collection. After all, there is no chain of custody or provenance offered in this exhibit, as the sources are confidential. Lacking a chain of custody, the collection establishes a clear chain of evidence linking the subjects in the photos. Often times there are multiple subjects in group photos that link to other know subjects, triangulating the evidence of authenticity.


The RJ Pastore Collection is a considerable study in historical American Western history. The sheer magnitude of linking photos, repeatedly showing all the same people, is simply too much evidence to ignore. The collection unveils many previously unknown photos of noteworthy historical characters. It is a pictorial expose’ that reveals the mysterious underworld of many outlaw associates.


The Collection is also: a study in Facial Recognition Analysis, a criminal dossier, and objective examination of the evidence, the implications, motives and means of many key player. What emerges is a rich tapestry illustrating the life of previously clandestine and reclusive lives. The mere fact that outlaws would have their photos taken so often is a reflection on their brazen nature, tempered with a bit of devil-may-care, here today/gone tomorrow attitudes. It gives one a chance to imagine their lives more intimately and per chance. to see ourselves living in their time.


The RJ Pastore Collections is the result of ground breaking research that has effectively solved the 1882 murder mystery in the form of a priceless collection of wild west history. Casual visitor and serious collectors alike, will come away from the exhibit with a clearer insight into the mystery that surrounds the legend of Jesse James.


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